We owed you an update on the situation and here we are, ready to start again confident that the coronavirus restrictions in Italy will come to an end

We think that behind every problem there is an opportunity and starting from this principle, respecting the rules dictated by ministerial decrees and the safety of our staff, as soon as the B&b was closed to the public we took action to try to perfect ourselves and offer ever better services in view of your return.

So what did we do?

As regards the purely health aspect, we have implemented the guidelines recently relaesed by the WHO about coronavirus restrictions:
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitization of the entire structure
  • Daily cleaning with 70% alcohol-based products or 0,5% sodium hypochlorite and use of disposable cleaning materials
  • Availability at reception of a medical kit including, among other things, masks, disinfectant and disposable gloves
  • Check the correct functioning of the air conditioning system with cleaning and sanctification of the filters.
After that we have decided to increase the health equipment of each individual apartment by introducing:
  • an air purifier, able to eliminate the bacteria present in the air and thus reduce the risk of diseases and allergies;
  • the first aid medical kit, already supplied, now includes disinfectant wipes and an infrared hand sanitizer dispenser;
  • An industrial laundry will carry out in full compliance with current legislation;
  • we have kept the concept of breakfast box directly in the apartment operational, over the years a strength has been identified rather than a weakness and, even more so, we believe it is today and in the near future;
  • we have expanded the supply of dishes inside the apartments, so as to give you the opportunity to dine in the structure or on our splendid sea view terrace;
  • into the apartment you will find a list with some of the best restaurants in the old town to offer you, through delivery directly to the apartment, the opportunity to taste the local delicacies in complete safety;
  • some local guides are in contact with us and will be able to offer you a dedicated escort service, thus guaranteeing social distancing

We want to reassure you that, despite this emergency and the measures that will be taken to overcome it, we are ready to start again and nothing will change in our way of welcoming you and presence in the structure but we want to offer an alternative to guests who want to respect social distancing; we have therefore equipped the structure with an automated SELF CHECK-IN system available on request in addition to the usual messaging systems we already used.

Marianna and Andrea