Joan Miro exhibition in Monopoli, 90 works at the castle of Charles V

The amazing forms of Joan Mirò will lend themselves to decorate the walls of the castle of Monopoli from March 24 to July 15 with an anthology full of 90 works, or 4 complete sets. The building in the province of Bari will host the creations of the surrealist painter thanks to the efforts of the Sistema Museo society, organizer of the event together with the Municipality of Monopoli.

Joan Mirò represents the art lived as versatility and curiosity, the ability to continually renew itself in the light of a constantly changing world view. The name of the exhibition will be “Joan Mirò – Opere Grafiche 1948 – 1974” and will be inaugurated on Friday 23rd March at 6.00 pm at the Castle Carlo V with the presentation of Andrea Pontalti, the exhibition will include the complete series Parler Seoul (1948 -50), Ubu Roi (1966), Le Lézard aux Plumes d’Or (1971) and Les Pénalités de l’Enfer ou les Nouvelles-Hebrides (1974).

A painter, sculptor and ceramist among the most productive of the twentieth century, Joan Mirò is recognized as one of the leading artists of Spanish culture. Born in Barcelona in 1893, he was forced by his family to take an interest in economics to work as a grocery accountant. At the age of 18, following a nervous breakdown and a deep desire for freedom, she decided to change her life and give herself to artistic production. The knowledge of Picasso in Paris was fundamental at the age of 27, with the subsequent attendance of the Dada club.

Persecuted by the war in both Spain and France, she is despised and hated in many of Joan Mirò’s works, such as in El Segador, which is currently a symbol of Catalan identity. Fervent supporter of surrealism, in his paintings reality is never really represented but only the point of arrival for something more distant, oneiric and hallucinated. The essential forms control every passage of his paintings, while the world is stripped of all that is superfluous and inconsistent.
The one at the castle of Monopoli is an exhibition where you can admire the unique spectacle of the dream and the inconsistency of the spirit, the freedom of the soul that transcends the limits of the white canvas to reach the heart.

Event: Joan Mirò in mostra a Monopoli
Place: Monopoli (BA) – Castello Carlo V
Date: from 24th march to 15th july 2018
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