The dawn of a new year begins on January 5th. No, it is not a mistake or a new calendar but, more simply, the title a photographic exhibition that will be inaugurated next Saturday at 19.30 in the Spazio Giovani gallery in via Venezia in Bari. The collective, curated by Vito Lepore, president the association Bari and the colors of the world, will last until Sunday, January 13 and will also contain several events such as in-depth seminars, music and literary moments.

The artistic direction of the event is entrusted to two other members of ‘Bari and the colors of the world’, Rosaria Padricelli and Rossella Mele. Among the exhibitors also the small friends of the Apleti Onlus association who have interpreted in their own way the beginning of a new day. Numerous appointments are planned during the event.


Sunday 6 January
Full morning dedicated to the Epiphany with distribution of sweets to all the children in the neighborhood.

Monday 7 January
Starting at 6:30 pm the Ensamble Bottega dell’Armonia composed of first violins Stefano Casula, Maria Santacroce, Celeste Muriglio-violini seconds Sofia Abbate, Eleonora Tedeschi – cello Angela Caso, Giordano de Nitto and master trainers Leonardo Cattedra, Flavio Maddoni, Domenico Strada, Massimo Mannaia will perform music by Scarlatti (sonata at 5 in A major), Albinoni (cheerful from the concert at 3 n.1), Vivaldi (concert rv161 in A minor), Bach (choral “jesus bleiblet mein freude” from the cantata BWV147).

Tuesday, January 8th
6:30 pm meeting with the historic Bari Nicola Cutino.

Wednesday, January 9th
At 6:30 pm Sergio Nuzzo and Vito Lepore will speak in a seminar on photography focused on the differences between the analogue world and the digital world.

Thursday 10 January
The exhibition will remain open to the public as a garrison and with the possibility of meeting with the authors.

Friday 11 January
At 7:30 pm in the presence of Felice Giovine, President of the Bari Academy, the “Càlannarie Barèse” will be presented with the intervention of the author Gigi De Santis.

Saturday 12 January
Starting at 6:30 pm, Professor Elisa Ferorelli will be presenting some poems accompanied by a musician.

Sunday, January 13th
The seven days of “The dawn of a new year” will end with the performance of young dancers of the dance school “Ilenia Dance” and finissage with delivery certificates and placards of participation.

Location: Galleria Spazio Giovani - Via Venezia - Bari