The Bari Piano Festival reaches its second edition.

After the success, beautiful and surprising in size, of the 2018 edition, it was decided to continue.

The second edition of the Bari Piano Festival was presented on 8 August 2019 at Palazzo di Città, which from August 24 will host an entire week in the city dedicated to vibrations and musical suggestions of the piano that will cross the urban center and the places of everyday life with their magical power.

This year’s edition confirms the threefold vocation of the festival: attention to new musical languages, in the certainty that contemporary piano music represents an extraordinary source of intelligence and beauty; attention to the new generations of pianists, without concessions to the youthful rhetoric; attention to the new forms of live entertainment and the transformations of the musical world, confronting ourselves with the current, problematic but compelling situation. All of this, in some of the most beautiful places in a fast-growing city; and without ever losing contact with the sea, which – in this case – is not simply an evocative and oleographic context, but a place of the soul.

  • The inauguration of the Bari Piano Festival 2019 will be the concert at dawn Morning Meditations scheduled for August 24th at 6.00 am in Torre Quetta with Lubomyr Melnyk. Also on August 24 at the Fortino di Sant’Antonio is scheduled, at 7.45 pm, Le parole della musica – Analfabeti sonori (Einaudi) in which Carlo Boccadoro will converse on his book with Alessandro Piva and Emanuele Arciuli.
  • On August 25, the Basilica of St. Nicholas will host the exhibition by Steven Osborne (at 9.30 pm) in a piano performance entitled “The piano and spirituality” with the music of Olivier Messiaen and Ludwig van Beethoven.
  • On August 26th and 27th at 6.45 pm the Lido The Trampoline will host two events The music meets the books created by Libreria Laterza: the first, presented by Maria Grazia Rongo, is with Gabriella Genisi, author of Pizzica Amara, published by Rizzoli, will be accompanied by the music of William Greco; the second, presented by Antonella Daloiso, is with Patrizia Jesuita author of The Secret of Esther, with the intervention of Dinko Fabris and readings by Antonella Radicci, will be accompanied by the concert of the pianist Mirco Ceci who, for the occasion, will perform in the world premiere of Raffaele Minella’s Spin, commissioned by the BPF.
  • Wednesday, August 28th, the foyer of the Petruzzelli Theater will host the conference The profession of the pianist, perspectives for young people (part I 11.30-12.45 – from academic training to concert activity – will include Massimo Biscardi, Beatrice Rana, Riccardo Risaliti, Jeffrey Swann. Moderated by Emanuele Arciuli; Part II 5.30-7.00 pm- prospects for entering the world of work – Stefano Bronzini, Piero Di Egidio, Nicola Scardicchio, Tiziana Tentoni. Moderated by Lorenzo Mattei). In the evening, at 8.00 pm, again in the Foyer of the Petruzzelli Theater, there will be a recital by Costanza Principe with music by Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann, Franz Schubert.
  • On August 29 at 12.00 Alessandro Deljavan will perform a recital, presented by Barbara Mangini at the John Paul II Oncology Hospital, in collaboration with the SB, based on music by Johann Sebastian Bach: Goldberg Variations. In the evening, at 7.45 pm, Jeffrey Swann will present at the Fortino di Sant’Antonio the music lesson Musique en plein air with the music of Franz Liszt, Claude Debussy, Olivier Messiaen, Béla Bartók.
  • It continues on August 30th at 9.00 pm in the Cloister of Santa Chiara with a unique Contemporary Music Marathon whose protagonists will be: Alessandro Stella, Maki Namekawa, Vanessa Benelli Mosell and Mariangela Vacatello on music by Karlheinz Stockhausen, Marco Stroppa, John Palmer (Italian premiere ), Mozart Camargo Guarnieri, Isang Yun, Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt, Giya Kancheli, Pteris Vasks, Georges Aperghis, György Ligeti.
  • Saturday, August 31st at 10.00 am the Circular Prison of Bari will host the recital by Maurizio Zaccaria with music by Ludwig van Beethoven, Fryderyk Chopin, Richard Wagner, Jules Massenet, George Gershwin, Nico Girasole. During the concert will be performed in world premiere Profumi per Piano by Nico Girasole, commissioned by the BPF.
  • Also on 31 August, at 9.00 pm the Dialogues in Jazz “Dedicated Keys” (national exclusive) with Dado Moroni and Rita Marcotulli will be protagonists of the evening at the Cloister of Santa Chiara.
  • For the last day, 1 September starting at 11.00 am: the House Concerts: the city resounds! between private houses and the Circolo della Vela Bari, where it will be performed in the first ever Welcome by Massimo De Lillo, commissioned by the BPF and presented by Barbara Mangini; and the Sunset Concert (6.45 pm, Torre Quetta) with Leszek Możdżer and Gloria Campaner, pianos and keyboards.
Location: Around Bari