Churches and museums open in Puglia, the “FAI Days” in the region

Now in their twenty-sixth edition, the “Fai di Primavera” Days, organized by the Fondo Ambiente Italiano, will include the special opening of buildings normally closed to the public throughout Italy. The days concerned will be Saturday 24 March and Sunday 25 March. The aim is to safeguard and enhance the artistic and natural heritage of the nation through the restoration and opening of historical, artistic or natural heritage received by donation, inheritance or loan. We will try to promote education and awareness to the knowledge, respect and care of art and nature.

There will be over a thousand places selected by the FAI on the entire national soil where, together with volunteers from the Italian Environment Fund, it will be possible to interactively visit churches, villas, villages, palaces, archaeological sites, usually closed to the public. In Puglia there will be several initiatives so far selected by the FAI to be visited during the “Fai di Primavera” Days with suggested contributions starting from € 3.00.

In Bari it will be possible to visit the State Music Conservatory of Niccolò Piccinni, where the story of Nino Rota, the first director of the building to which the auditorium of the institute was named, will be told. You can also admire the historical Tamburini organ, learn its origins, all surrounded by dedicated musical spaces and screenings of films and documentaries on the subject.

In Monopoli, the Diocesan Museum and the Museum of the Crypt of San Romualdo will open their doors as a novelty. In the first it will be possible to see the collection of citizen paintings, illuminated manuscripts, antiphonaries, sacred furnishings and vestments, with a path extended by the visit to the Laboratory of analysis and restoration and to the Library of Monsignor Francesco Pedicini. The second, realized following the restoration of some underground areas of the Cathedral Basilica of Monopoli with an exhibition path, presents archaeological finds capable of documenting the historical evolution of the city and the many forms of occupation it has undergone over the centuries.

In Giovinazzo it will be possible to admire the beauty of the Church of San Francesco di Assisi, which currently houses the musical school dedicated to Filippo Cortese. Just beyond the city limits, the Casale di San Martino, dating back to the Eleventh Century, will open its doors. A particular construction rich in history, home to various architectural developments and the home of different bishops.

In Altamura it will be possible to visit the Portuguese typography, first built in the city, which preserves the history of printing throughout the 20th century. Presents in its interior several printing machines of great archaeological industrial value able to thrill everyone interested.

Also the church of Santa Maria del Suffragio in Gravina in Puglia will open its doors to those interested, rich in valuable architectural details and works of art of great artistic value, mostly realized by the painters Francesco Guarini and Emanuele Mosca.

Turi protagonist of the event with the possibility of guided tours at the Palazzo Tito Aceto, a complex of housing units belonging to the property of an ancient wealthy family, and near the church of San Domenico, adjacent to the town hall, flag of seventeenth-century architecture.

The “Spring FAI” Day is a unique opportunity for everyone to discover hidden parts of our culture and our art. Further information available on the website: